Little Kids Preschool

Little Kids Preschool is a multicultural and recently created preschool that opened 2014­01­01.

In order to give your child a good and stimulating education start and thereby lay a solid foundation to the next steps in following school education, well educated and dedicated staff are working with the children of our preschool. Here we work in accordance with the Swedish curriculum and school law, where the values from the Swedish school system permeates our entire business and throughout all its activities. The Swedish language is the language spoken at our preschool in order to promote the children's development in the language and thus also in verbal aspects needed for further education over the entire country. The children's group usually consists of children aged between 0 and 6 years old.

Following elements are the basis of the activities held on our preschool:

  1. Core values, the democratical foundation and human rights
  2. The Swedish language
  3. Mathematics and technology
  4. Sports and health
  5. Music, singing and dancing
  6. Imaging and designing
  7. Understanding and respect of our enviroment, nature and its creatures

The prechool with its premises are newly built and situated in a place near Angered named Lövgärdet, a place close to nature and with beautiful surroundings. At our preschool, all children are offered nutritious and delicious breakfast, lunch, a break snack and even fruit during the day.

Our vision is to give your child a safe, educational and fun preschool experience with preparation for future studies in the Swedish school system. For each individual child's enjoyment and well- being, we continuously work in accordance with our treatment plan of equality. Are you interested in a place for your child at our preschool?
Fill the application online or please contact the office 0761-688 809 for more information.

Little Kids, Koriandergatan 6, 424 44 Angered, Sweden | 031-388 01 64 eller 0761-688 809 |